Tinnitus Relief Programme | Best White Noise CD For Tinnitus
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Best White Noise CD For Tinnitus

What is the best white noise CD for Tinnitus?

There are many white noise Cd’s available for Tinnitus.

Which is the best?

That depends upon what you want your white noise CD to do.

I use Holophonic white noise as the backing for most of my recordings, because I think it is the best. Not only does it give you the best ‘white noise’ sound to help mask or distract your attention away from the tinnitus sound or sounds, the¬†Holophonic white noise also gives you the ‘sound energy’ of the source.

This means that you also get the ‘timbre’ and the ‘feel’ of the ocean or running water.

This kind of white noise can also then have the same sort of ‘healing efect’ as the real ocean, because holophonics seems to send a signal to the brain in exactly the same format as the real thing.

There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that this in itself can have a positive effect on hearing.

I give you a Holophonic White Noise MP3 (which means you can make your own white noise CD) as part of the Tinnitus Improvement Program.

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