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Tinnitus and

Tinnitus and…

Tinnitus, this strange phenomenon that so many people are looking for a cure for is often associated with other symptoms and complaints. Many people searching the Internet will type “Tinnitus and hearing center” or “Tinnitus and hearing loss” or “Tinnitus and hyperacusis”, for example.

Tinnitus is often associated with other issues, such as hyperacusis, hearing loss, meniere’s disease and so on but is also just as often a stand alone issue.

What do you do if you are looking for a treatment for tinnitus and ringing in the ears?

If you are searching google you might wish to be quite specific with your searches – “Colorado tinnitus and hearing” for example, or “London Tinnitus Retraining Therapy”. This may help you find someone very local amongst the vast sea of information available.

The American Tinnitus Association and the British Tinnitus Association have lots of information on treatment and research as well.

However, if you are looking for the newest treatment for tinnitus then the International Tinnitus Research Initiative may help (TRI). They are putting lots of time and money into finding a cure for tinnitus, ringing ears and noise in the head and work with people such as Dr.Jastroboff and others.

At the moment, Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Neuromonics or hearing aids from an audiologist are the most popular choices, but some of these are still very much up for discussion.

Hearing Centers that deal with hearing loss may have audiologists who can advise too.

One of the most successful but least publicised trials was carried out by the Noise Hazzards Instute In Israel.

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