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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment

(What is tinnitus? What are the symptoms of tinnitus? Click here.)

What options are available for treating tinnitus?

Even though many people are told “there is no cure”, if you have Tinnitus or some form of ringing ears or head noise there are several treatment options available to you. Whilst it may be true that medically there is currently no magic pill you can take to make your tinnitus stop, there are many people who have discovered ways to provide significant relief from their Tinnitus and many who have managed to ‘cure’ it completely.

To find out the best options available for treating your tinnitus, it is usually a good exercise to investigate what the original cause or causes were.

What are the main causes of tinnitus? What is the most common cause of tinnitus? What is the cause of your tinnitus?

There is no direct answer to this question and many people with tinnitus may actually have very different problems but similar symptoms.

The most common cause people associate with Tinnitus is through hearing loss or hearing impairment, where there has been some sort of damage or malfunction of the inner ear, cochlear, hair cells and so on, either through old age or loud noise exposure. However, there are many other possibilities.

 – Temporomandibular joint disorder is known to trigger tinnitus and causes ringing ears and head noise in some cases.

 – People will often mention tinnitus & hyperacusis together. Ear infection, damage to the middle ear or auditory nerve can also cause tinnitus. Also blood flow can be associated with pulsatile tinnitus, as well as associations with meniere’s disease, and even the Eustachian tube.

Stress, tension and unconscious emotional dynmics also play an extremely vita role.

So you can see that to say, “tinnitus is caused by… ” is not easy.

Do you have ringing in the ear or ringing in the ears? How do you find the cause of your tinnitus? How is tinnitus evaluated?

The average tinnitus sufferer is not interesetd in the cause of their tinnitus – they just don’t want to have tinnitus any longer and are searching for effective treatments. But studies have shown that a little more indepth investigation can make a huge difference to your effective treatments options.

For many people tinnitus will just go away. But for those who have tinnitus more persistently a thorough check up with an ENT specialist or Audiologist is a vital first step.

They will test  your hearing and give you a full examination to look for any physical causes. If a physical cause is found it may be possible to treat it very quickly. If not, then many people will look to some of the following treatment options and possibilities.

Tinnitus treatment possibilities

– Auditory integration training

– Tinnitus retraining therapy

– Innovative, non-invasive techniques called phase-out treatment or another one by neuromonics

– Hearing aid or hearing aids

– Tinnitus remedies

– Ginkgo biloba,

White noise

– Tinnitus relief using maskers

– Medication – with or without side effects

– Homeopathic tinnitus treatments

– Hypnosis and hypnotherapy (Studies have shown that “73 % of self-hypnosis subjects reported a disappearance of symptoms during treatment). Click here for details of self-hypnosis study.

When people come to see me for a private consultation, after taking the usual details I look into the unconscious emotional dynamic and that often helps evaluate the tinnitus symptoms in a very different way, highlights the true cause of your tinnitus and offers us a viable means for treating it.  

So when some people say, “How I cured my tinnitus?” Is there really a tinnitus cure? Are these genuine success stories?

This may seem a little contradictory but, although there is currently no known cure for tinnitus, I believe your tinnitus is actually curable and many people have actually done so. Whether you can believe all of the people who say “How I cured my tinnitus” is up to you but I beieve it is possible for you if you are determined and willing.

As a hypnotherapist I have been able to help people see that there were often quite ‘hidden causes’ for their tinnitus and, as we brought them into the light and resolved them, the tinnitus symptoms began to disappear.

However, it also depends on your definition of a ‘Tinnitus cure’. I have given you three examples here of what I consider to be Tinnitus Success Stories, even though the outcome is different in each case.

Is there a tinnitus self help guide?

There are many self-help guides available and many are quite helpful. They will generally give you lots of information and offer a range of possible tinnitus treatment choices. Check out the American Tinnitus Association or the British Tinnitus Association, for example, who provide some self-help guides.

If you are looking for a self-help tinnitus relief program, then please do feel free to check out my Tinnitus Improvement Program, which you can download from this website.


[For the mechanisms of subjective tinnitus, objective tinnitus, somatic tinnitus and how the ear works please see relevant posts on this site. (Enter the phrase in the search box).]

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