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Alternative Tinnitus Treatment

Alternative Tinnitus Treatment


Anything short of using traditional medicine or having medical surgery done is pretty much known as alternative treatments in the United States anymore. Alternative treatment for tinnitus is on the rise as more and more people become favorable to its usage and results. Instead of being labeled as a disease of its own, tinnitus has been found to be the symptom of several conditions. Different forms of alternative treatments are available for many conditions – such as high blood pressure, too loud of noise, ear damage, etc. – with the most popular form of an alternative treatment for tinnitus that of white music or tinnitus retraining therapy. Most alternative treatments are re non-invasive and gentle on the body, more successful than many other treatments, pleasurable to the system, and is more flexible with individual time frames. 

 Tinnitus sufferers try several types of alternate therapy, preferring some over another. Forms of music and meditation therapy are extremely holistic, considered a successful choice if you have tinnitus. With one of the symptoms of tinnitus ringing in the ears from an external source, eliminating stimulants from a diet should be a priority – an excess of chocolate, coffee, smoking, tea or too much soda. By eating correctly, the fat and cholesterol that is filling in the blood circulation will be reduced to allow the blood flow to work better.

Natural Tinnitus Treatment

 Natural treatments for tinnitus consist of many things in today’s world. Making sure a person is eating correctly and getting enough calcium, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E, magnesium potassium, zinc and fatty acids are all important to help reduce the ringing in the ears of a tinnitus sufferer.  Homeopathic and acupuncture treatments work well together, decreasing the levels of sound the person is hearing. Some tinnitus sufferers try hypnosis to reduce the sounds of tinnitus or hearing loss, excellent for reducing the stress levels for better management techniques. History has shown us that developing therapy for tinnitus has changed a lot over the years, but in today’ society alternative treatment for tinnitus has rapidly become one of choice.

 B12 and Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus patients commonly have B12 deficiency, in addition to the deficiency increasing a person’s stress level. The B family is water soluble and easily absorbed, except for B-12.  Taking more will not enhance it, except for sublingual applications or intramuscular injections. Vitamin B complex vitamins usually are replaced by food sources or supplements. However, one single B vitamin treats one particular disorder of the body – hearing loss and tinnitus, poor night vision, lethargy, skin and hair problems, anemia, or lack of appetite.  There is an “Arches Tinnitus Stress Formula” which contains extremely high potency B complex vitamins. Also, citrus bioflavonoids that are present in the Stress Formula help reduce tinnitus in addition to the B complex vitamins.

 Homeopathy for Natural Tinnitus Healing

Nutritionists suggest supplements to treat tinnitus with homeopathy, especially Gingko biloba and Black Cohosh. They are believed to improve on the brain’s blood circulation and work directly on the tinnitus. But what few people realize is that Black Cohosh and Gingko biloba complement each other when used to treat tinnitus. The daily dose is two to three times a day, with Black Cohosh as a tinnitus natural solution and Ginkgo Biloba as one of the most popular tinnitus natural remedies, in addition to being used for poor circulation and memory loss.

 Other natural remedies used are onion juice, horsetail, goldenseal, and fenugreek. And even though side effects are rare, excessive doses of Black may cause seizures, visual disturbances and slow or irregular heartbeat.  Also, there is the possibility Black Cohosh can have drug interactions with hormone replacement therapy, oral contraceptives or the chemotherapy drug cisplatin. Any natural medicine or alternative treatment for tinnitus should be researched thoroughly before using.

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