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Ringing In the Ears

Ringing In The Ears


Ringing in the ears – or tinnitus – is dependent on (1) ear noise in your ears, (2) the types of hearing levels, and (3) symptom of tinnitus the patient has. Only then can a basis be made for its treatment.  “How is tinnitus evaluated?” depends on the answer to those three situations.  To treat tinnitus properly will require an accurate diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner. To do so, those questions need to be answered. Unless, of course, the ringing in the ears is not severe enough to seek attention or it is only a temporary situation.

The relationship between tinnitus and ringing in the ears is associated with many factors which could be involved. One such thing is the Eustachian tube – could it be plugged or infected? Has the patient been swimming in dirty water, developing swimmer’s ear (external otitis), referred to as an ear infection of the ear canal caused by bacteria or fungi. If hearing loss is occurring, how severe is it and how long has it been going on? Tinnitus sufferers should sit down and answer a lot of questions before going to the doctor. The answers will make a big difference on the outcome.

Holistic healing of Tinnitus

Holistic healing and natural products are fast becoming the way to go with major disorders and diseases, such as with tinnitus and its problems of ear ringing and hearing loss. Tinnitus is normally not a serious condition, usually developing because of a noise-induced hearing loss. But tinnitus with vertigo or dizziness can be related to inner ear infection, ear noise, ringing in the ears, anemia, heavy metal toxicities, inner ear degeneration, stress, circulatory problems, or vessel dyscrasia.

The one thing that will work on every one of these symptoms is acupuncture when nothing else works. This is because depression, anxiety and suicide attempts are normal tinnitus complications on a psychological level for a hearing problem.   This level can worsen in minutes based on individual choices: caffeine, allergens, tobacco, salt, medications, negative emotions, heavy physical work, and high intensity noise. All of these symptoms become worse because of one uncontrolled area of tinnitus – a serious lack of sleep – which increases a person’s level of stress and anxiety.

Traditional medicine would have to treat each symptom separately, while acupuncture can treat them all at once.

Symptoms of tinnitus are usually inconsistent, but many holistic homeopathic remedies have been able to help with various conditions for ringing in the ears or tinnitus. Some popular natural remedies for dizziness and vertigo are argentums nitricum, conium, cocculus, or nux vomicum.

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