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Tinitus ( Tinnitus)


Tinitus ( Tinnitus) occurs when a person hears abnormal ear noises or ear sounds inside one or two ears. This sound can consists of whistling, buzzing or ringing – anything heard that is not from external sources. The problem with tinitus is that ears won’t stop ringing with ear buzzing going on all the time, which is the number one complaint about it by tinitus sufferers. Some victims complain about blocked ears or ringing ears, or a “full” feeling inside their ears, which prevent them from hearing very well – if at all.


Recently a new treatment for tinitus (Tinnitus) has hit the news – the Neuromonics treatment –, which has promising results tinitus ( Tinnitus) sufferers next to retraining tinitus (Tinnitus) therapy. Considered a new and non-invasive treatment with sometimes  instant and controllable results, research over the last ten years has improved tinitus perceptions tremendously. This new research is showing us that tinitus is not a hearing problem itself but a neurologically based condition with hearing problems as a symptom. Neuromonics Tinitus treatments help the brain filter out what we thing tinitus is all about. Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment is an acoustic-based treatment complemented by assessment, monitoring, support and education from a clinician over a six-month period.


Comparisons of Tinitus Treatments

There are many treatments for tinitus which treat the symptoms only: tinnitus retraining therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnosis hypnotherapy, hearing aids, tinitus maskers, noise and sound generators for white noise, and drug treatments for tinitus.  Hypnotherapy can also treat the cause of tinitus, in a different way than  the new Neuromonics tinitus treatment and the tinitus retraining therapy does. Very few tinnitus treatments provide immediate relief for many – hypnosis & hypnotherapy is one of those.  Others have the potential for long-term relief after their treatment, such as Neuromonics tinitus treatment, tinitus retraining therapy and hypnotherapy are capable of achieving long-term lasting results.


Neuromonics Treatment for Tinitus

The average tinitus treatment is about the symptoms of tinitus, not the root source. A new treatment for tinitus is the Neuromonics treatment that works from the root on out, relieving symptoms of tinitus in a shorter period than the retraining therapy for tinitus. The treatment duration for tinitus by Neuromonics is six months, with an evaluation by a trained audiologist completed before the treatment begins.


The device used for the tinitus treatment delivers an “acoustic stimulus” with precisely designed music at a low listening level. Each stimulus will be customized per individual as if it were a tinitus prescription. The purpose of the Neuromonics treatment is to train the brain to develop new neural connections which will allow it to filer out tinitus sounds. Treatments last two hours daily to start with, decreasing over time as the tinitus dissipates.

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