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Personal Message From The Author


Hello & welcome, my name is Andrew Parr.


Over the past 30+ years I have helped all sorts of people with all sorts of problems, and many of those have included Tinnitus patients, but it was my involvement with the Tinnitus Research Initiative [TRI] (a privately funded, world-wide Tinnitus Research Organization) back in 2005 that accelerated my experience of Tinnitus.


I do not claim to be an expert, and I do not claim a miracle cure, but I do have a lot of experience of working with people with this condition, with varying degrees of success, from simply helping people to manage better, to being completely free of the symptoms.


One thing I know for certain, is that if you are suffering with Tinnitus there is a way out of the suffering,  provided you are willing to be incredibly honest with yourself, maybe even face up to a few things, and follow two simple steps:


Step 1 – Disconnect the tinnitus sound or sounds from any kind of amygdala based response

Step 2 – Retrain your brain away from the sound to increase habituation process.



Simple does not always mean easy, however, and sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to get those lasting results.


I created the Tinnitus Relief Programme back in 2006 as a way of summing up what I had learned at the time, as a series of simple audio exercises to help achieve the two steps described above.


Now, years later, I have more experience and am gradually updating and revising the programme to make it more structured, easier to follow and even more effective.


Used correctly, it will help many, many people gain significant relief from their tinnitus – usually within 28 days or less – and I sincerely hope that you are one of them.


Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me – hope you find the site and the program useful.




Andrew Parr

Retrain Your Brain to Turn Down the Sound with Our Step-By-Step Program!