Tinnitus Relief Programme | Members Downloads
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Your Downloads

Please RELAX while you do this. Put the kettle on, read a book, whatever – take your time and get everything downloaded successfully before you continue. To download the iTunes Audiobook or the MP3 zip files simply click the blue text next to each file icon. To download individual episodes simply right click and save each file.


To Play:

Once downloaded locate the files on your computer and double-click. They will begin to play in your default player.

If you want to use itunes, open itunes, select “File”, then “import” and then locate the files. This will import them into iTunes where you can burn them to a CD, or transfer them to an ipod or other mp3 player.


If you get stuck – just ask!


Best wishes,
Andrew Parr

iTunes Audiobook ZIP file: All 12 parts in a self extracting ZIP file.

Once you’ve imported the files into iTunes if you’re unable to see your Audiobook as part of your itunes Library:

PC: EDIT – PREFERENCES, then check the “Book” box

MAC: ITUNES – PREFERENCES, then check the “Book” box

12 x MP3 Zip File: All 12 Parts in a Self-Extracting Zip File

For those of you with slow or unstable internet connections, you may prefer to download each episode individually