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Text and Sponsor ads

Text ads can be used in a number of ways. They can be placed in your blog, in a newsletter or at the top of an ezine to inform your subscribers that The Tinnitus Relief Programme is sponsoring your webpage via your affiliate sales.

Writing your own advert or review can be very effective, you can also use it in conjunction with a product image downloadable from the tool bar on the right hand side.

Make sure whatever you write is attention grabbing to entice your subscribers to click on your affiliate link.

Text ad #1:

I discovered that a leading Tinnitus Practitioner, Andrew Parr, has developed a set of successful tools to treat his Tinnitus patients, and that clinical trials back up his methods; 88.2 – 90.5% of patients reported a decrease in their Tinnitus! I’ve listened to what he has to say and the results are astounding. Better still he’s happy to tell you exactly how he does it for FREE. I like Andrew’s approach, he’s very honest and I discovered that he also runs a successful therapy practice using the very same tools to treat his own patients. Here’s the website where you can get more information:

Text ad #2:

Andrew Parr, a Tinnitus Cure Researcher and practicing therapist, has been successfully treating Tinnitus patients for many years and he’s happy to share with you how he does it. He has revealed exactly what he does with a step by step guide so you can begin to eliminate Tinnitus from your life, starting TODAY. It’s entirely natural and safe, and you already have all the tools necessary to make this work, allowing you to turn down that sound at last!

Text ad #3:

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! DISCOVER THE METHODS THAT ENABLED 88.2 – 90.5% OF PATIENTS TO DECREASE THEIR TINNITUS. There’s no need to spend your cash on surgery, drugs or invasive treatments. In fact you already have all the tools necessary to treat your Tinnitus. Discover how FOR FREE!

Text ad #4:

Millions of Tinnitus patients with ringing ears and head noises are suffering unnecessarily. There are methods available that have been clinically proven to give “highly significant” results during clinical trials. In fact 88.2 – 90.5% of patients reported a decrease in their Tinnitus. Learn how you can treat yourself from home TODAY using the same techniques.

Text ad #5:

After spending years traveling the world researching Tinnitus cures Andrew Parr has unearthed hidden clinical trials where a “highly significant” number of patients reported a complete disappearance of their symptoms. There’s NO SURGERY OR DRUGS involved; if everything else you have tried has failed stop wasting your money on pills and potions, Andrew will tell you exactly how he successfully treats his own Tinnitus patients.

Sponsor Ads

Sponsor ad #1:

This week’s newsletter is sponsored by:
Sharing with you the methods that enabled 88.2 – 90.5% of patients during clinical trials to report a decrease in their Tinnitus.–>[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Sponsor ad #2:

This issue of (name of your ezine) is brought to you by The Tinnitus Relief Programme, a step-by-step system backed by clinical trials that enables you to reduce the sound in your ears without the need of drugs or surgery. Learn from a practicing Tinnitus Specialist how he successfully treats his patients using the exact same methods that you can then use yourself, starting TODAY: –>[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]