Tinnitus Relief Programme | Tinnitus Success Stories
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Tinnitus Relief Success Stories

Case History 1: Ringing Ears Tinnitus – Successful 90% reduction

This is James Tucker, from the US. When James first contacted me about his Tinnitus he was in a bad way – loud noise in the ears, lots of stress, couldn’t sleep at night and so on.


Within one week of using the Tinnitus Relief Programme, James sent me a message saying his tinnitus was down about 40 % – which was great news. A week later he said it was down about 50 % and after two months it was down about 90%.


“Dear Andrew, Just a note to say thank you for the recordings on Tinnitus. I am amazed to know this program actually works. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest reduction. I have to give this a 9. I can finally sleep at night without the ringing or noise in my ears.” James Tucker, USA.


James also said there had been times where it had disappeared completely for a while, and this is consistent with my findings.

Case History 2: Successful Tinnitus Symptom Reduction And Increased Coping Ability

Carl Parker had been suffering with Tinnitus for 18 months, before he purchased the Tinnitus Relief Programme.


Specialists had told him it would settle after a few months but, in Carl’s words,  “… it just got worse, with pulsing I was very distressed. A MRI brain scan followed with visits to a councillor at the hospital.  All the time I was indoors I was plagued by the noise and living in a rural quiet area did not help.”


After using the programme, Carl wrote…


“… for the first time it appears you actually know what people with this go through. I have since had periods of silence and when I went on holiday recently never heard the tinnitus.”


Carl also says that  many of the physical side effects have now eased up, he feels better in himself and is able to concentrate much better at work.

Case History 3: 95 Year Old Woman Says “Burden has lifted after 35 years”

95 year old Doreen Sanderson, reported her Tinnitus disappeared within a few weeks of following the Tinnitus Relief Programme.


Doreen said that since she was now an old lady she found it difficult to fully understand some of the ideas talked about, but she diligently listened, carefully followed the exercises, and then repeated the process a second time.


After 35 years of suffering with her Tinnitus she was amazed that the burden had now been lifted, and that her quality of life had returned once more after all those years.

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