Tinnitus Relief Programme | What is Tinnitus?
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Tinnitus can be defined as any noise heard in the head or ears, which has no external source. It can occur in one or both ears, sometimes as a sound between the two. It can be experienced in many different ways; as a whooshing, a ringing, a buzzing or a crackling. Either constant, pulsatile or variable, it often appears worse at night or when there is little external sound around.

How do you cure Tinnitus and ear noise?

During my involvement with the Tinnitus Research Initiative, I investigated many health professionals from a number of different fields including homoeopaths, osteopaths, drug developers and sound device manufacturers; every treatment, pill or gadget available was tested and although some individual practitioners have greater insight than others, all the clinical trials conducted produced results no better than those subjects receiving a placebo. So there is no guaranteed ‘cure’.


In my work as a professional hypnotherapist for the past 20 years I have also worked successfully with a variety of  Tinnitus patients; sometimes helping with sleep, sometimes helping re-focus attention away from the sound, and sometimes even eradicating it completely.

I am pleased to at last be able to pass on these methods for you to use and benefit from at home.

Andrew Parr